George Daniels – Moving to the Isle of Man (37/85)

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English watch-maker George Daniels (1926-2011) was most famous for creating the co-axial escarpment and could make a complete watch by hand. In his lifetime, he received many awards, including the rarely-given Gold Medal of the Clockmakers’ Company of London. [Listener: Roger Smith]

TRANSCRIPT: I came to the conclusion that I should leave London when I had fulfilled all my ambitions. I’d been master of the Clockmaker’s Company and I’d got this well-established business and a good reputation as a watchmaker, not just a watch restorer, and it seemed to me that it didn’t matter where I lived. I was always in touch with people and if I went to the Isle of Man, I would see more of Sam Clutton, who had moved there earlier and it’s a very beautiful place. Are we in the Isle of Man now? We are, aren’t we? And it’s a very beautiful place. I had a workshop built in the garden and the workshop was built exactly to my specifications. All the light was correct from different directions and so forth, and I started again here making watches again, and the first watch made here was the Space Traveller.


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