Fishermen rescued after boat sinks – 3FM

Sunday, November 24th, 2019 9:37am

By Rob Pritchard @rpritchard9

Two fishermen were rescued after their vessel sank off the South of the Island yesterday.

Port St Mary and Port Erin Lifeboats along with a coastguard helicopter were launched at around 6.10pm yesterday to a Mayday broadcast from the craft which was two and a half miles north west off the Calf Sound.

Whilst on route emergency teams were told by another nearby fishing boat the casualty vessel had sunk and that two crew wearing life jackets had been recovered from the water.

Lifeboat teams then escorted the second fishing boat back to Peel Harbour where the two casualties were found to be safe and well.

Coxswain Mike Keggen says had it not been for the two fishermen wearing life jackets and the quick response of the nearby fishing team the outcome could have been very different.


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