Executive interview – Manx Telecom

Manx Telecom [AIM: MANX] is the leading provider of broadband and telecommunications services on the Isle of Man. The company provides a full range of fixed, mobile, broadband, data, hosting and managed services to consumers, businesses and the public sector. The company’s division Global Solutions provides solutions for the international traveller and Internet of Things markets. More recently Manx Telecom has established Vannin Ventures, a wholly owned ventures subsidiary which invests in, and incubates, technology companies.

In this video interview, CEO Gary Lamb introduces Manx Telecom and describes the key elements of the company’s ongoing transformation process, explaining what he expects it to achieve for the core domestic operations. He describes Global Solutions, explaining how the company leverages its core operations to support the growth of this division. He also explains the rationale for setting up Vannin Ventures, describing how the business unit operates and how it adds value to the companies it invests in. He discusses Vannin’s key investment, Goshawk Communications, a technology company that enhances the experience of calls for the hard of hearing. He rounds off by describing how Manx Telecom management balances maintaining dividend payments while ensuring that the business’s growth opportunities receive adequate investment.

August 2021 Edition of Edison Healthcare Insight


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