EB43 – Is the Isle of Man building a haven for Bitcoin businesses?

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The Isle of Man has been an area of interest for many Bitcoin companies as of late. The local government of this small British Crown Dependency, located in the middle of the Irish Sea, wants to attract Bitcoin businesses by adopting light regulation as well as providing accessible banking relationships and infrastructure for companies dealing in crypto. This business-friendly approach has made the island an ideal place for tech, aerospace and e-gaming companies to establish, which has been a great benefit for the local economy in the last few decades. As an example, the leading online gaming site Poker Stars now employs some 200 people on the island.

With the support of the Economic Development Department, the Isle of Man recently hosted Crypto Valley Summit to help promote their wiliness to work with Bitcoin companies. Siân Jones was at the event and captures this enthusiasm in three interviews, which we discuss on the show:

– Peter Greenhill, CEO of e-Gaming Development at Isle of Man Department of Economic Development
– Paul Davis, CEO of Counting House who specializes in payment solutions
– Archie Watt, Head of e-business and Micky Swindale, Head of Advisory at the global consultancy firm KPMG

Links mentioned in this episode:

– Crypto Valley Summit: http://www.cryptovalleysummit.com/
– Isle of Man Economic Development Department: http://www.whereyoucan.com/
– COINsult: http://coinsult.eu/

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