Dragon VS Car – original painting and original music by Williams Shamir

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hi everyone and how are you ?
i hope you guys are doing good and all is well with you

this is my latest painting
done with photoshop and an inteous 3 A4 tablet …
with this one iv’e tried something interesting …
the car is painted from a picture i found on some magazine …
and everything else was from imagination … the goal was to try and match everything to the car and to make it all look realistic …
i think the end result looks pretty nice …
this was a very good exercise …
i wanted to base the dragon on a snake’s anatomy … so that’s why the dragon looks a little bit like a snake … ( one friend actually told me the dragon looks a bit like he’s smiling lol )
the goal of this practice and a lot of my other paintings is learning actually … my final aim is to be able to paint totaly realistic from imagination which is very very hard and then i’ll be able to paint ideas iv’e been having in my head for a long long time
thank you guys so much for joining me with my journey of improving … you guys are totaly sweet and awesome

the music on this one is something iv’e actually composed around when i was 18 i think …
back then i didn’t have any good equipment and i used to work with an old program for DOS !!! called impulse tracker ( which i actually find as the most comfortable software for composing music till this day )
so anyway i just recorded it all again with my guitars and my bass guitar
gear used for this track :
– washburn x50pro electric guitar
– washburn t24 bass guitar
– marshall mg50dfx amp
– marshall jackhammer distortion pedal
ev – nd 478 dynamic mic
joemeek 3Q preamp
EMU 1212m sound card
Battery vsti for the drums

i hope you will enjoy this one
it took me a lot of work this one …
thank you guys for watching
have a great day
take care



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