Digital Covid-19 pass going live today


Manx Care confident system will work effectively

The long-awaited vaccination status certificates for Isle of Man residents are available from 9am today.

After a long and complex legal and logistical process, Islanders can now login to access their vaccination record on their home computer, and opt to download a secure, digital version, or print a paper copy of their certificate. 

Users will first need to register with the UK NHS to create a secure login to access their health record online.

Manx Care are confident the system will work effectively, but don’t rule out a few early teething problems.

Internet access, a mobile phone and an email address are required to register for the digital service using a link which can be found on the Manx Government website.

The web-based document is valid for 30 days only, but can be refreshed at any time.

For those unable to access a digital version of their vaccination certificate a paper version can be arranged via the NHS central customer service centre.

If an applicants details don’t match up with their records, a Manx Care Covid Pass Resolution Team has been set up to help.

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