Demand ‘so high’ Aurigny doubles number of Isle of Man flights | ITV News – ITV News

Aurigny has doubled its planned flights to the Isle of Man, as demand is ‘so high’.

The States-owned airline are hailing the Guernsey air bridge a success after selling more than 3,700 seats on the new route.

People from both jurisdictions will be able to travel between the two islands without having to isolate.The airline initially put on two flights a week, which are due to start from Wednesday 22 July, running until Sunday 30 August – but now they will continue until mid-September.

Demand has been so high that Aurigny have added further flights, upgraded many to the jet and extended the availability period to the 13th of September. This has meant that that over 4,000 have been made available on this route – with only 300 seats remaining unsold, mostly between 30th of August and 13th of September.

Like Guernsey, the Isle of Man is also fully open for islanders with no physical distancing measures in place.


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