Day Trip around the Isle of Man

It’s a beautiful day and instead of taking you to the garden, I’m going to give you a little tour of the Isle of Man.

Starting in the village of Laxey we’ll visit King Orry’s Grave, a 5000 year old stone tomb. It has two parts that are separated by a modern road and both sites are plonked down in the middle of a residential area.

From there we head north and visit the beaches of the Point of Ayre and Blue Point. You’ll see lighthouses and stretches of beach with barely a soul in sight.

Driving south we wind our way around the Devil’s Elbow, where local superstition has it that you can’t speak or make noise while you’re traveling around it. Above it sits an unexcavated neolithic tomb that I’m sure has something to do with the superstition.

Peel Castle was built by the Vikings and its beautiful ruins stand on Saint Patrick’s Isle. I have a little mishap with my keys in the rocks there and afterwards we have a walk around the castle walls. The interior is mainly ruins and the castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a black dog — the Moddey Dhoo.

We finish up our drive around the Island with a climb to another ancient burial site — the Meayll hill circle above Port Erin. It’s composed of 12 individual stone tombs that were built in a circle about 5000 years ago.

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