► ► ► Play this new dinosaur today!

We have just released the new playable carnivore, Daspletosaurus! This is a relative of Tyrannosaurus, and as such is a slower yet very powerful predator. Daspletosaurus has two head ability slots, so you can mix and match the head attacks of your choice and customize your combat playstyle.

The real big addition in this update though is the brand new ability system. You will now be able to unlock specific abilities with your dinosaur that can be assigned to various parts of its body. There are up to 9 different ability slots based on the anatomy of your dino: Head, Senses, Front and Back Limbs (for four legged dinos), Metabolism, Hide, Legs (for two legged DInos), Tail, and a Generic slot.

Each species will have unique abilities, movements, emotes, and skill trees. Unlock these through gameplay, and cloud saves and transaction data move with you. Characters saved cross-server, cross platform, including on mods and community servers.
Full cross-platform compatibility, no features are cut down or modified between platforms. Cross-platform modding kit, enjoy your community content on any device, play with your friends anywhere with internet access.

► ► Upcoming Patches:

► Growth
We are working on many big future patches, and we wanted to share some of them ahead of time with you all!
We know our Growth mechanic is a highly anticipated upcoming feature and we have been working on it in the background throughout this year.

► Host Local Servers
We are currently working on implementing local server hosting, giving you the ability to create a server that is hosted on your machine. Your server will be able to use mods and custom server settings so you can play the way you and your friends enjoy most.

► Replay Tool
We are also working on a full featured Replay tool, an awesome way to record videos of Path of Titans from a more cinematic perspective. The replay tool gives you the ability to record a gameplay session and play it back in real time from a detached cinematic camera, allowing you to capture beautiful footage.

► Creator Mode
We have recently completed the first pass at our creator mode! This game mode is a dungeon master style game mode that allows a server admin to fly around as a director, spawning in items, food, water, and more. The creator mode can also be modded! This allows you to create small community areas on your server without the need to mod in an entirely new map!

Path of Titans is a cross-platform indie game with MMO questing, where players choose from 30+ dinosaur species and survive, explore, and thrive through life cycle events and social gaming. Find and build a home cave within Panjura, the first of several 8km x 8km maps. Explore our open sandbox, or extend gameplay through an extensive system of MMO questing adventures for the menagerie of air land and sea dinosaurs, with rewards and incentives from egg to adult. Launching soon on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Cloud.


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