Cregneash tour: part two

This is the second part of a guided tour, in Manx, around Cregneash
This is my own tholtan. A tholtan is a house without roof and without any doubt there isn’t a roof on this house. But my family and many other people were living in this house for many years but it’s looking that it’s only the faeries themselves that are living here now.
Stanley Karran remembers going to this house when he was young.
There was an old woman living here called Watterson.
Her husband was lost in Port Erin bay.
He was about 3 or 4 years of age when he was going and he remembers the woman cooking bread on the grill.
After that my family owned the house. They had another house in Port st Mary and the children were coming to Cregneash in the summer when the tourists were staying at the house in the Port.
My grandmother was staying the the Port whilst the children were coming to Cregneash.
My aunt remembers many people speaking Manx when she was coming to Cregneash in the summer.
Alas they didn’t have much money and after a while the roof fell in and there wasn’t enough money to renew it.


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