Coronavirus: Isle of Man temporary national speed limit to rise – BBC News

The temporary national speed limit on the Isle of Man is set to increase to 60mph next month, the chief minister has said.

An all-island limit of 40mph was introduced in March to ease the burden on the hospital during the coronavirus pandemic.

That limit will be increased from 15 June, Howard Quayle said.

Current lower speed limits must still be observed, he added.

The decision comes as the island reached “another milestone” in the fight against the virus, health minister David Ashford said.

For the first time since emergency measures were introduced to contain the spread of Covid-19, there were no patients receiving treatment for the disease at Noble’s Hospital, he said.

Thursday marked the eighth day in a row of no new confirmed cases of the virus.

Of the 336 people to have tested positive, only three remained active cases.

Mr Ashford also confirmed that teachers would now be added to the extended testing regime for front-line workers.

Speaking at the government’s daily briefing on the pandemic, Howard Quayle said the Council of Ministers would also now “explore” further easing the restrictions surrounding repatriated residents.

In future those coming back to the island may be allowed to travel by air routes rather than ferry, and could be permitted to self-isolate with the rest of those in their household at home.

Under the current rules, only those who have no other people living with them can return to their own homes to quarantine.

Those who live with other people must spent 14-days in self-isolation at a hotel before returning to their property.

A decision on those changes would be made “no later than 11 June”, he said.


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