Coronavirus: Isle of Man maternity ward restrictions eased – BBC News

Birthing partners can now stay with new mothers after the birth of a child on the Isle of Man as coronavirus restrictions continue to be eased.

However, partners have to stay on the maternity ward with the mother “for the entire period”, Health Minister David Ashford said.

Restrictions were brought in at Noble’s Hospital in April, including partners being asked to leave after the birth.

Visitors will now also be allowed on the ward, but only one at a time.

Mr Ashford said the lockdown period had been “difficult” for expectant mothers but the majority of restrictions had been lifted “with immediate effect”.

He said: “We do appreciate that it’s been a very difficult position for many ladies who are giving birth not being able to have the support that they would have had in normal times.

“The only thing that we will be asking is that those birthing partners remain with the lady giving birth throughout the entire period and that they don’t, as they could pre-Covid, nip in and out as they wish.”

Visiting on the maternity ward is permitted between 18:00 and 20:00 BST each day.

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