Coronavirus Isle of Man: Man jailed for accepting a lift to the chemist’s – BBC News

A man who accepted a lift in a friend’s car to go to the chemist’s has been jailed for breaking the Isle of Man’s emergency coronavirus laws.

Karl Cameron, of Cronk-y-Berry in Douglas, pleaded guilty to travelling in a private vehicle with someone not from the same household.

The 30-year-old and his girlfriend was offered a lift to the chemist’s shop by a friend on Wednesday.

Magistrates at Douglas Courthouse sentenced him to six weeks in prison.

The two other occupants of the vehicle were handed fixed penalty notices by police.

The court heard Cameron had made an “honest mistake” by getting into the car because he thought “getting a lift from a friend was not different from getting a taxi” – something he had done earlier that day.

He was previously jailed in April for breaking the island’s lockdown rules by socialising with friends at his home.

On that occasion he was sentenced to five weeks in prison after admitting to organising a gathering.


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