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Coronavirus has claimed the life of a second person on Island.

Former Police sergeant Richard Lloyd passed away at Noble’s Hospital today.

A statement on Isle of Man Constabulary Historisn reads:

“By request of his family, it is with the deepest personal sadness and heartache that I announce the passing of one of the most beloved members of our Police family, former sergeant, Richard Lloyd, who passed away today at Noble’s Hospital.

The depth of loss felt by all who knew Richard is unfathomable. Seldom in life do people have such an impact on others like he did. It would not be an overestimation to say that the vast majority of Police Officers and staff on the island have in some way been positively influenced by this giant of a man

Richard acted as a father figure to many of us, old and young in service and did so with the kindest, gentlest of demeanours. He was nobody’s fool but he just had the most engaging and charming manner that disarmed all but the most hardened of hearts. We loved him, purely and simply.

Richard came from a family of police officers – both of his parents had been police officers in Merseyside, which is where Richard also began his career and where his son also currently serves, himself also having been a serving member of the Isle of Man Constabulary prior to transferring to the UK. 

Both Richard and his son, Andy were very active in the Manx Judo community. Again, another area where Richard was held in the highest regard.

Even after retiring, Richard kept his association with the police family strong by working at HQ in a support role, as well as helping to lead the next generation of potential Police Officers – working closely with the Police Youth Scheme.

His wonderful character kept sparkling, although undoubtedly the role he excelled in and loved the most was that of father and grandfather.

On a personal level, Richard was one of my earliest supporters in my role as Historian and actively sought out material and provided a number of photos that appear here from his personal collection, although he was always far too modest to provide any of himself, despite my repeated requests!

The gap Richard leaves will not be filled. He was one of a kind. Whilst the whole Police family will mourn his passing, our thoughts go out most especially to Richard’s dear family who will feel his loss the most.

Rest in peace, Richard. You were the best of the best.”


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