Climate change: Douglas Council gives away 2,000 free trees – BBC News

Two thousand Mountain Ash trees are being given away by Douglas Council as part of the Isle of Man’s attempts to aid “climate change reversal”.

Residents of the Manx capital can claim up to three saplings each to plant in their gardens.

Douglas Borough Council said the trees “can help” tackle climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide.

It said the scheme was in support of the government’s climate change action plan, due to be brought before Tynwald.

Mountain Ash trees, also known as Rowan, produce small red berries.

The trees can grow 15 metres tall and live up to 200 years.

The number of saplings a resident can claim depends on the size of their garden.

Those will smaller plots can get one, while those with the largest gardens can ask for three.

Community groups based in Douglas also qualify for the initiative, which started this month, and can get up to 100 trees.

In a separate scheme, the Isle of Man government plans to plant 85,000 trees on the island in 2020-2021.


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