Climate change debate ‘most important in decades’, says MHK – BBC News

A debate on an action plan to reduce the Isle of Man’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 will be the “most important in decades”, an MHK has said.

Ralph Peake said concerns over climate change were being taken “seriously”.

At this year’s Illiam Dhone ceremony there was a renewed call by the Isle of Man Climate Change Coalition(IoMCCC) to tackle the issue.

IoMCCC’s Devon Watson said the group wanted “alternatives to destructive products and behaviours”.

The coalition has called for the introduction of better insulation in homes, national renewable energy infrastructure and a free public transport system.

Mr Watson said the aim of the group was “both to encourage and support” the government in reducing carbon emissions.

He added: “We don’t expect anyone to be perfect, just do the best you can.”

A report by the government’s climate change team is due to be presented to politicians this month.

Mr Peake, who attended the ceremony, said the debate was “going to be probably the most important debate we’ve had for decades”.

Tynwald had “a responsibility to really look at it and really want to change”, and had the opportunity to “show some real leadership” in tackling climate change, he added.

The annual Illiam Dhone ceremony is held to commemorate the death of Manx martyr William Christian, known as Illiam Dhone or dark-haired William.

Christian surrendered the island to the Parliamentarians in 1651 during the English civil war, and was executed for treason about 10 years later.

The ceremony, which was revived by Mec Vannin and the Celtic League in 1979, takes place at Hango Hill in Castletown, the spot where Christian was killed by a firing squad in 1663.


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