Climate change action ‘is in Isle of Man’s self-interest’ – BBC News

Tackling climate change is in the Isle of Man’s “self interest in every respect”, an expert has said.

In May, Chief Minister Howard Quayle revealed a bill to address the issue would be brought forward by 2020.

Newly appointed chair of the climate transformation team, Professor James Curran, is tasked with providing the government with an action plan.

He said the island must “move far and fast” in combating climate change and it had a chance to show “leadership”.

The Climate Change Coalition said it hoped the appointment of Prof Curran would “galvanise action” and said the proposals must be “people friendly”.

Mr Quayle recently declared a climate emergency and committed the island to a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, which is in accordance with the European Union’s Paris climate agreement.

Prof Curran, a former chief executive of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, said nations were “taking a course that is increasingly extremely dangerous” if the net zero target is not met.

He added that the report put in front of Tynwald would need “everything actioned” and there would be “no superfluous actions” within it.

Plans to stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars on the Isle of Man by 2040 have already been announced along with the banning of gas and oil boilers in new houses by 2025.

The transformation team has just six months to compile its recommendations before they are due to be presented to politicians in January.

Prof Curran addressed Tynwald members last week and said he wanted to “get public input” on the issue.

He also hoped that the government would be able to take advantage of “private investment” to quicker “mobilise” resources.


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