Aigh Vie: The story of a Manx nobby

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From the sinking of the Lusitania to today, there is a fascinating and important story behind one of the four remaining Manx nobbies in the world; the Aigh Vie.

Funded by an anonymous donation from America given to the skipper of the heroic skipper behind the saving of hundreds of lives from the Lusitania during the First World War, the Aigh Vie was built in Peel and launched in 1916.
After its life as a working fishing boat in the Peel fleet, the Aigh Vie was sailed for pleasure off the Island for many years, slowly suffering […]

Eisht as Nish: A traditional Manx song performed by Phil Gawne

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A traditional Manx song performed by Phil Gawne of the Manx Gaelic choir, Caarjyn Cooidjagh. This performance of the piece is to an unusual variant of the normal tune, collected by Sophia Morrison.
‘Eisht as Nish’ (‘Then and Now’) tells the story of lost love and it opens with the words:

Keayrt va mee aeg,
As mish ta mee shenn;
Keayrt va daa sweetheart aym,
Agh nish cha vel nane.
Once I was young,
And now I am old;
Once I had two sweethearts,
But now there is not one.

More information about about Caarjyn Cooidjagh is available here:

This performance is a part of the […]

Time Team S14-E01 Finds in the Fairway, Isle of Man

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The Isle of Man may be a small and – particularly when Time Team was there – wet and windy island stuck in the middle of the Irish Sea. But it’s crammed full of influences from British, Irish and even Viking incomers. In fact, it’s been a cultural crossroads for thousands of years, including a time when Christianity vied with Norse paganism to be the island’s principal religion.

One of the legacies of this battle for dominance were the keeills – small, simple chapels that were once found scattered right across the island. Yet today, every […]

Luanistyn: A poem by Annie Kissack

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A short poem about the poet’s personal connection to the tradition of going up hills at the start of August.
The poem is here performed by its author, the Manx Bard, Annie Kissack.

More information about the traditions of Laa Luanys can be found here:

More poems by Annie Kissack can be enjoyed here:

More information about the Manx Bard can be found here:

Culture Vannin exists to promote and support all aspects of culture in the Isle of Man.


Holiday Isle: A history of tourism in the Isle of Man

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A video exploration of the history of tourism in the Isle of Man.
From the pioneers to the booming heyday that held up the Manx economy for nearly a century, through to today’s remnants that are in places merely ruins of days gone by.

This film was created by Culture Vannin for educational purposes in 2004.
Culture Vannin exists to promote and support all aspects of culture in the Isle of Man. We develop innovative, inclusive and exciting projects that promote and support all aspects of Manx culture.



The Best Little Prison in Britain? | Wednesday 8pm | ITV

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Starts Wednesday 31st July on ITV.

This new documentary series goes behind the walls of a most extraordinary little prison – on the Isle of Man – where doing time is unlike anywhere else in Britain…

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Day Trip around the Isle of Man

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It’s a beautiful day and instead of taking you to the garden, I’m going to give you a little tour of the Isle of Man.

Starting in the village of Laxey we’ll visit King Orry’s Grave, a 5000 year old stone tomb. It has two parts that are separated by a modern road and both sites are plonked down in the middle of a residential area.

From there we head north and visit the beaches of the Point of Ayre and Blue Point. You’ll see lighthouses and stretches of beach with barely a soul in sight.

Driving […]