Behind the Borders: The day the Isle of Man became ‘COVID-free’ – ITV News

It’s the day even the health experts did not think would come.

The Isle of Man has no active cases of coronavirus.

The first Manx case of coronavirus was announced on Thursday 19th March.

Almost 11 weeks on, and the Island has now subdued the spread to such an extent, that the curve is completely flattened.

Within that time 336 people tested positive overall and 24 of those have sadly died.

It’s also been two weeks today since the Isle of Man last recorded a new case.

A key component in the Island’s arsenal was the ability and urgency to close the borders.

On the morning of the 27th March, the final passenger ferry docked in Douglas, marking the start of the lockdown and restricting freedom to travel into Manx waters.

Aside from a selection of key workers and the repatriation of Manx residents, this has continued to remain the case.

And even now the Island has no active cases, the government has said the reopening of the borders will be highly dependable on the UK being in a safe enough state.

Something which at this time, still seems like a long way off yet.

“We must not be complacent”

As always the Health Minister, David Ashford MHK, continues to take the cautious approach, with daily reminders that the potential risk of infection still remains on the Island.

And this of course remains true.

Complacency continues to concern the Council of Ministers as the lockdown measures ease week by week.

The government here has always seemed to be ahead of the UK in easing the measures – we’ve now seen construction and most of retail return to work – and up to two people are now even allowed to visit another household in their home.

But with every easing, brings a greater risk.

And while this remains a great achievement, there is still a long way to go before approaching the ‘new normal’.

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