Arai RX-7V Isle Of Man TT 2018 Helmet

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The helmet will come with a FREE DARK VISOR worth £69.99 & Arai TT Branded Limited Edition Fleece Lined Helmet Bag Worth £49.99 in addition to the standard clear visor and FREE Delivery Throughout The UK, Ireland and Europe.
The RX-7V IoM TT 2018 Edition is a very desirable, and collectable piece of helmet art!.

It’s a long time tradition that Arai introduces at this time of the year the new limited edition Isle of Man TT helmet. But it’s not only about the new design. Arai has also renewed the cooperation with the IOM TT and will stay the official preferred helmet brand for the Isle of Man TT races for the coming years.

Arai and the Isle of Man TT have a long standing partnership and part of it is the introduction of a special, limited edition IoM TT helmet. The very first Arai limited edition was introduced back in 2007, the ‘’Centenary’’ model to commemorate 100 years of TT racing. Every year the many fans of the Arai IoM TT helmets are looking out for the new limited TT edition. This year’s design is extra special, because it is the 10th anniversary of the IoM TT helmet line.

As with all IoM TT helmets, the design originates from Aldo Drudi of Drudi Performance. It is black based with large red detailing and gold accents. Remarkable is the laurel on the chin piece with the text ‘’10th limited edition’’ underlining the fact that this is really a special IoM TT helmet. Of course the original TT logo is present (Arai as preferred partner is the only helmet brand allowed to use the original TT logo) just as the three-legged triskelion symbol so typical for the Isle of Man. Fans of the IoM TT helmet will notice that the graphics of the triskelion are less detailed and now offer a more slick appearance.


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