All 263 beds at Isle of Man hospitals replaced costing £300,000 – BBC News

All 263 beds at two hospitals in the Isle of Man have been replaced, the health department has said.

Many of the beds at Noble’s and Ramsey Cottage hospitals were more than 15 years old and required “frequent maintenance”, said a government spokesman.

The new beds, which are fitted with an under-bed light, are more adjustable, lighter and easier to clean, he added.

The project cost more than £300,000 and took just over three days to complete.

Director of Nursing Cath Quilliam said patient care had been “uninterrupted”.

The “privacy and dignity” of those in both hospitals was maintained while the changes were carried out, she added.

Leonard Singer of the League of Friends of Ramsey Cottage Hospital said the group was “very happy” with the new beds.

“Fifteen years is a long time for something that’s been constantly used,” he said, adding the new equipment would be “good for the patients and the nurses”.

Beds at the island’s main hospital in Braddan were last replaced when Noble’s opened in 2003 but spare parts are no longer available.


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