Aigh Vie: The story of a Manx nobby

From the sinking of the Lusitania to today, there is a fascinating and important story behind one of the four remaining Manx nobbies in the world; the Aigh Vie.

Funded by an anonymous donation from America given to the skipper of the heroic skipper behind the saving of hundreds of lives from the Lusitania during the First World War, the Aigh Vie was built in Peel and launched in 1916.
After its life as a working fishing boat in the Peel fleet, the Aigh Vie was sailed for pleasure off the Island for many years, slowly suffering the years until bought by Paddy Murphy in the 1990s.
Twenty years later, after two decades of dedicated and careful hard work from Paddy, the boat is back afloat, and today it is one of only four remaining boats of this type in the world.
During the Peel Traditional Boat weekend in 2019, after sailing it single-handed from Ireland, we caught up with Paddy to find out more about the amazing journey of this incredibly important Peel-built boat.

More about the boat can be found here:

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