Adaalat | Full Episode | Episode 14 | 21th February, 2021

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Episode 14: Qatil Boxer
Tejas Yadav gets killed in the Boxing ring while fighting with his rival boxer Dharam Kumar. Lavanya bets on Dharam instead of his boyfriend Tejas with regards to the match. How did the metal plates enter Dharam Kumar’s gloves? Who killed Tejas Yadav? How will K.D solve this case?

About Adaalat:
Adaalat is a courtroom drama series that chronicles the journey of KD Pathak, a defense attorney, as he solves one case after the other with his sheer brilliance. When all else fails, only the eloquence and downright genius investigative skills of KD Pathak can deliver justice to the innocents. KD Pathak has never lost a case and never has he let an innocent be convicted of a crime. Though many prosecutors come close to cracking KD Pathak’s code, it’s the charismatic KD, who prevails in the end.



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