A walk around Cregneash: part ten

I have to say that I like this house. This is the house that Neddy Beg lived in years ago now.
Now Neddy Beg was very good at writing and he wrote many stories about the people who were living in Cregneash, about working on the land and about working on the sea.
He translated Aesop’s Fables. He was a poet. They said that Neddy Beg preferred writing than working on the land.
Neddy beg wrote many poems and stories about the places around Cregneash and he was helping Charles Roeder when he was coming to Mannin to find out about the folk-traditions of the people
He wrote many stories about the fishing boats and the men who were working in them. And without any doubt if you want to learn more Manx, or find out more about the way that people were living in Cregneash years ago, then it’s worth reading these wonderful stories.


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