£38m Manx ferry terminal project delayed until July 2021 – BBC News

A new £38m ferry terminal connecting Liverpool and the Isle of Man will not be completed until July 2021, the Manx government has said.

It marks a second delay for the project after the finish date was previously moved from December 2020 to March 2021.

Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer told Tynwald the fresh drawback had been caused by planning and legal agreements taking “longer than anticipated”.

Initial work on the Liverpool site has started, he added.

In addition to the terminal and landing stage, planning approval was required for a new link road and dredging of the riverbed.

The new facility will be at the Princes Half Tide Dock about 700yds (670m) from the existing terminal at Pier Head.

Funding for the project was agreed by the Manx parliament in July, despite costs rising to £6.5m more than expected.

Despite the latest delay, Mr Harmer said the Department of Infrastructure was “still pushing” for the dock to be ready in time for the Isle of Man TT in July 2021.

Source: bbc.co.uk

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