A BIG THANK YOU to Saturn Memories (https://www.youtube.com/user/SaturnMemories) for letting me use his video of Sheep mode! I have left the Saturn Memories watermark in the video. Check his channel out!

This is a new series I am starting called CARR (Carters Abridged Retro Reviews). THE NORMAL REVIEWS WILL STILL CONTINUE AS USUAL. I got the idea when I was watching a combination of Mythbusters for the Impatient and various opinion pieces I lost my patience with. I know for some, when you watch someone like ReviewTechUSA or Jimquision, it’s a show and you’ve become popular for your waffling. Hell, I do it ALL THE TIME which is why I thought, “What about those who are just like me? What if there are people out there who would be very keen to get the low down on a game without 8 minutes of swearing, long stories of my childhood, bitching about Sega’s inconsistent naming scheme, dick jokes, backhanded compliments and almost unrelated rants?” So every video will be no longer than (about) 2 minutes and you get the core info you need. It also gives me a chance to re-do videos that are old or after 2 attempts I STILL felt like I didn’t get it right.
I would really appreciate it if I got your feedback. ‘Cause I plan on re-doing all my reviews and then every review after that will come out in 2 versions – both re-written. At the moment, it’s to help pump out more videos while you’re waiting for the next review.

FUN FACT: Most of the video took about about 2-3 hours to write, record and edit. The title screen and thumbnail took me almost 8 hours ON ITS OWN longer because I’m wildly inept with GIMP and After Effects.