2018 Isle of Man Senior TT – On board Full Lap with Peter Hickman Commentary

Check out this stunning Senior Race Full On Board Lap of Peter Hickman’s remarkable sixth, and final, winning lap of the 2018 PokerStars Senior TT, one of the greatest races in the event’s illustrious history.

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See, and hear, how the Smiths BMW rider overhauled Dean Harrison on the last lap to win the race by two seconds, setting a new outright lap of 135.452 in the process. Subscribe to the newsletter to always get early access to amazing TT content like this.

Peter Hickman’s commentary gives us a great insight into a lap of the TT Circuit. What goes through a riders head during the lap? Even some tips on how they achieve such massive speed.

We’ve cherry-picked some of our favourite quotes from the man himself.
(0:20)”Bottom of Bray Hill, absolutely flat out in top gear, bit of a wheelie up over Ago’s Leap, another one just there”

(1:02)”probably only cost me a second or so on the run up to union mills!” – could he break 16m:40s in IOM TT 2019? We fully expect he can, but will he be the only one?

(1:45)”Awesome corner that – Ballascarey”

(2:07)”Over to the right for the Crosby jump – 175-180 mile an hour over the top of that jump”

(2:34)”Change of direction over the top here, you got to be really careful, the bike wants to shake its head a little bit, there it is.”

(2:46)”got to watch your shoulder on the wall just there, and also a change of camber on the exit”

(2:52)”One of the best corners on the circuit for me, Gorse Lea. I send all my friends, people who wanna watch, get scared – that’s where you wanna stand on the left just there Gorse Lea 7 miles in. Double right hander it’s really fast 165-170 mile an hour through there”

(4:46)”end of Cronk-y-voddy we’re gonna be off the gas and back on again – no brakes… Ready…off the gas…back on again. Absolutely pinned in top gear (laughs) bikes shakes its head a lot through there.”

(6:01)”Bit of a spin on the exit there, she’s getting a bit lively.”

(7:32)”Listen to that motor screaming its head off. Up to 5th gear now, no brakes, this is Ballacrye, it’s one of the fastest corners. Massive jump over there.”

(07:40) Jump (7:48)”You’re jumping about 40 – 50 meters it’s absolutely insane corner. It’s Awesome!”

(8:23)”Listen to that motor, absolutely singing it’s nuts off. It sounds absolutely brilliant.”

(8:55)”flick left, stand the bike up, quick jump, get over there and now you can be pinned all the way to iron gates.”

11:31 “this is the start of the mountain”

(13:56)”I was trying my absolute utmost to make this lap perfect, so far it was pretty good.”

(14:14) “Windy corner’s coming up next. Windy because…It’s windy”

(14:19) “Bit of a spin on the white line just there. The white line was just a little bit dusty. Didn’t cost me too much time luckily”

(17:03)”I still don’t actually know I’ve won here by the way. So I’m asking the crowd. (Laughs) Then I do a burnout”

What a rider. Top Bloke.

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If you can keep up with him, you can follow Peter Hickman here: https://twitter.com/peterhickman60


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